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Towards Shaping/Nurturing a Community of "Social Workers for Climate Praxis"
Reimagining Social Work

"How do we re-frame and re-orient social work/social work education to go beyond the mainstream boundaries and imagination of public service in an age of climate-related poly-crisis? How do we go beyond the silos of mono-academic/professional cultures?

Can 'social work', (professional social work, social work in general, social development work) in whatever form it takes (curative, preventive, development, other), continue with the same orientation/purpose/concerns into the period of climate crisis/emergencies? Can 'social work education' just continue the traditional courses, offerings and streams? Are our social workers equipped with the necessary orientations and competencies/skills that can address a world of interconnected crises/complex polycrisis produced by the nature of development we adopt and climate crisis? Should we rethink social work in general and social work education in particular? Can we create a community of 'social workers for climate praxis'? What will that mean and how will we sustain it?"


Exploratory Deliberation:
12th August 2023

Main Online Event:

26 to 28th Jan 2024

Inter-Frame, Inter-Sectionality, Transdisciplinarity,
& Critical Civic Engagement

We are calling for a preliminary meeting to deliberate on the 'reimagining social work in an era of anthropogenic climate change' initiative.  The 12th August meeting is to feed the main online event (conference-unconference) in January 2024. Its an exploratory meeting to help us mainly to:

1) Curate the interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary realities for deliberation and sharing during the main event. 
2) Identify resource persons working on inter-frame/intersectional areas promoting inter- or trans-disciplinarity as well as critical and compassionate civic engagement/governance practices.
3) Encourage critical conversation and dialogue between those working in social work professional education, social or development work (in many fields) and climate change/crisis.
4) Promote creative, relevant, and critical course-making, learning journey and democratic knowledge production initiatives beyond the mono-academic/professional cultures.

5) Conceive of a community social development workers and professional workers serving to address the anthropogenic climate induced poly-crisis.

Main Online Event/Conference-Unconference/26-28 January 2024

Encounters with an ecology of realities (appearing as 'fields' and 'studies') affected by climate change/climate crises/climate emergencies -- climate emergency, media, creative writing, transformative entreprenuership, creative production, architecture and civil engineering, climate injustice, social work education, information and library science, family and community, indigeneity, femininity, peace, forms of democracy, Indigenous knowledge, forms of social work, socio-ecological justice, health and social pandemics, agroecology....See the word cloud below.
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Towards Shaping/Nurturing a Community of "Social Workers for Climate Praxis"
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Image by Markus Spiske
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