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Make INR 1000/Month (or about USD 12/Month) Pledge.*

'Subscribe' to Help Us Reach Out to
Vulnerable and At-Risk Individuals and Communities
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Donate Monthly 

Help Us Nurture a Compassionate World
Built on Trust, Inclusiveness, and Hope

When a Community Supports in Small Ways, Big Things Can Happen.

Donate a Small Amount on a Monthly Basis.

Your Help Will Make a Difference 

(explore our site, particularly the drop down menu of  "Touching Lives" link above)

in the Lives of Others. 


Lets Nurture a Compassionate World Through Education.

We Invite You to Co-Own the Process and Effort.

*Donation period can be fixed by you (minimum for a  year, at least).

Though we encourage you to donate INR 1000 per month,

smaller amounts (hopefully for longer duration ) are also welcome. 

Donation bank details.

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