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3B Frames
Breaking the Barriers of Blindness through Community Theatre Workshop

Ether India, Federation of the Blind Youth Forum (KFB),  Loyola Extension Services/Loyola College of Social Sciences and APT Performance and Research jointly organised a community theatre training program called 3B FRAMES. The program involves visually impaired artists from various districts of Kerala, and it aims to provide a platform for artists those who have not been given the opportunity to showcase their talent due to life experiences and limited circumstances. For the first time in India, a training program has been organised exclusively for the visually impaired.


The selected participants represent a diverse group of people from all stretches of Kerala, including students, teachers, lottery workers, and others, all with varying degrees of blindness. About 30 people were selected from around 100 artists who proved their ability in various art fields such as music, drama, direction, writing, craft making.

The training program, which is being conducted from May 9th to 18th at Loyola Extension Services/LES Multiversity, Sreekaryam includes practical workshops and activities that connect the participants to themselves, others, and Nature. The programme is conducted by a group of experts from A Place for Theatre (APT) Performance and Research (Also See Here). They provide hands-on training in theatre and other art forms.

Based on the life experiences of the camp members, they themselves write and direct the play and will present it on the stage. The plays will be performed before a large audience, giving these talented artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and break the barriers of blindness.

Ether India, a non-profit organisation based in Trivandrum, Kerala, is working towards transforming the lives of marginalised children and youth who live in children's homes, tribal settlements, blind community and slums. The organisation equips its beneficiaries to dream big through education, empowerment, and engagement activities.


The organization provides various workshops, mentoring programs, and life skill training to these children and youth. Some of the activities of Ether India include Taare Zameen Par, Edusaathi, FunLingua, Home Frames, Code and Conquer, Click and Blink with CCI, Kuttikoottam and Thenarivu. For more details visit


The founder of Ether India, Biju Simon, is passionate about creating an environment where marginalised children and youth can learn and transform themselves to be integrated into society. Biju faced challenges in understanding the language and subject matter in college, which led to him dropping out. However, his experience in a seminary provided him with an encouraging environment to learn and express himself. This transformation empowered him to pursue social work and support marginalised children who face similar struggles. Through his work, Biju aims to create a platform where children can learn with fun and get integrated into society, providing a better future for them.

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The 3B FRAMES community theatre workshop is a main training program that comes under the project Taare Zameen Par which aims to empower visually impaired children and youth through mobility, accessibility and responsibility and Ether India endeavours opens a new way to transform the lives of visually impaired children and youth by providing excellent initiatives that give opportunities for talented individuals who may have otherwise been overlooked due to their life experiences and limited circumstances. The program give provide chance to showcase their talents and break the barriers of blindness.

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