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A Film by the Visually Challenged

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Photos by Aslem


"The Promise" short film, screened on May 26, 2024, at Loyola Extension Service, was organized by Ether India with support of  Hands Foundation.

Uniquely, the cast, including the director, scriptwriter,  main and co actors , are visually impaired. Arun Bose, India's first visually challenged short film director, overcame his challenges to provide insight into the world of the visually impaired. 

This screening is a follow up of the impactful street theatre "3B Frames," organized by Ether India , LES , KFB , APT together as the first training program in India exclusively for the visually impaired. "3B Frames" focuses on 'breaking barriers of blindness' (3B) through various projects like short films, street theaters, and training programs.

Apart from Arun Bose, the story of this short film is written by Anil Kumar M.K., Sreeju, Sanish Sadhanandhan Karuvallur, Sudheesh, and Aradhya Maria David. The main actor of the short film is Sreekumar K., with co-actors Naufal Akbar and Shaliq S Muhammad.

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