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A Centre for Mental Wellness and Psychological Training

At Loyo-Mithra, we envision a place of compassion – the Centre for Training. Here, individuals and groups are embraced without conditions, and their voices are listened to with deep empathy. Through personalised mentoring and transformative programs, our focus is on cultivating resilience, nurturing harmonious relationships, and guiding individuals towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life journey.

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Important Upcoming Event

Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) 

One-Day Workshop

5th June 2024: 9 AM

Loyola Hall

Loyola Extension Services, Loyola College of Social Sciences, 


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Balamithra-Mindful Teen Programme

Our goal is to boost resilience and fortify defences against addictive behaviours, leading to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We offer captivating programs that empower teenagers through both individual and group sessions. In these sessions, we tackle addiction using a scientific approach. Our aim is to illuminate the neuroscience of addiction and address its psychological dimensions. Through interactive group sessions at schools and organizations, we concentrate on teaching stress coping, emotional regulation, problem- solving, and the promotion of healthy relationships. Our strategy incorporates methods from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Art, and more, with the intention of creating a lasting positive impact on teenagers and guiding them towards a more promising future.

Workplace Wellness Programme 

Elevate your workplace with our Workplace Wellness Fusion Program, seamlessly integrating Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Transactional Analysis (TA). Through integrated mindfulness sessions, team-building exercises, conflict resolution, leadership training, and continuous mentorship, we foster a positive, stress-free, and harmonious work environment.

Mindful Positive Parenting Workshop

Empower your parenting journey with our Mindful Positive Parenting Workshop. We cover mindfulness, child development, positive communication, setting boundaries, emotional intelligence, creating a positive home environment, parental self-care, problem- solving, positive reinforcement, and community support. These workshops aim to strengthen the parent-child relationship and create a nurturing environment.

Transactional Analysis Study Centre

Loyola Extension Services, in collaboration with ICTA Kalamaserry, conducted its inaugural TA basic course on the 19th and 20th of April 2024.  Details here.

These are our ongoing courses: 

  • Foundational Course in Transactional Analysis (Basic)

  • BTA – Certified Bernian Transactional Analyst (Advanced) 

  • MTA – Master Transactional Analyst (Advanced)

Two Months Psychology Internship Programme

For BA/MA Psychology and MSc Family Therapy.

Highlights of Internship Programme:

First Month: Theory

  • Personality Theories

  • Psycho Diagnosis and Pathology

  • Foundations of Counselling

Second Month: Practicum

  • Counselling Skill training

  • Case History taking and Mental Status Examination

  • Supervised Training & Case Handling

  • Psychoeducation and Intervention Planning

For Details, Please Contact :

Shal Soman

Coordinator and Consultant Psychologist

MA Psychology/MA Sociology/BD, Bachelor in Divinity/

PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology/MSc Family Therapy (Pursuing)


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