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Learning Events
Deschooling. Decolonising. Counter-Hegemonic.
Unlearning. Relearning. Reorienting.  Conscientising.
Learning to Be Compassionate in Everything We do.

“Compassion basically means accepting people's frailties, their weaknesses, not expecting them to behave like gods… But you have to remember that by being compassionate you don't become higher; otherwise you spoil the whole thing. It becomes an ego trip. Remember not to humiliate the other person by being compassionate; otherwise you are not being compassionate, behind the words you are enjoying their humiliation. Compassion has to be understood, because it is love come of age.” Osho

Making Sense of Compassion -- A Flip Workbook. Explore
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Ushering in  Public Knowledge, Transdisciplinary Mode of Being,
Critical, Compassionate Civic Engagement and New Humanities
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