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Loyola Extension Services, Loyola College of Social Sciences (LES - LCSS) is in active partnership with the University of Lincoln (UL/UK) in implementing the Tribal Education Methodology project in Kerala. This 3-month project partnership from January to March 2022 would hopefully grow into a longer relationship with UL and the government of Kerala. The project will benefit the youth of the tribal/indigenous communities in the state as well as the students and teachers of Loyola College. (The effort is part of a larger Youth-Led Campaign for Change, Changing the Story.)

Team at LES-LCSS Supporting TEM                    
Merlin Siby
Project Assistant/
LCSS Doctoral Scholar
Minu Hansa Harikumar.jpg
Minu Hansa Harikumar 
Project Assistant/
LCSS Doctoral Scholar
Fr. Ranjit George SJ
Director, LES
Dr. M. Nadarajah
LES Co-Researcher for TEM Project
Dr. Saji Jacob
Principal, LCSS

Our admin and finance team support this activity, functioning as our project management office (PMO)

team theatre2_edited.jpg

Theatre Training Group, Attapady, March 2022

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