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Know LES Multiversity

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  • Why is the Multiversity Platform in Loyola Extension Services (LES)? 

  • What are some of the characteristic features of the Multiversity?

  • What Is the Heart of the Multiversity?

  • Why do we need such a Multiversity?

  • What are the concerns and focus areas of the Multiversity?

  • What are the key benefits of the Multiversity Platform?

  • How will the Multiversity be governed, projects implemented and services delivered? How long will it take to grow it?

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"We believe in human dignity and the preferential treatment of the poor. Even as we take into consideration physical, social, cultural, political and economic challenges and constraints, we aim to reach out to all those individuals and communities at risk. Though the focus of our services for now is on children, women, family and marginalised worker communities, our aim is to consistently work with like-spirited others to respond to emerging unsustainable, harsh realities as well as to help build an eco-social-spiritual multi-projects ecology that will initiate and nurture an inclusive compassionate Home for all. It is our sacred duty to embrace all and leave no one small and significant ways."

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