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HHA Award/17th March 2023/LCSS, Thiruvananthapuram
  • A primary school teacher at the Government Tribal Higher Secondary School, Murikattukudi Kattapana, Idukki.  Visually challenged, partially.

  • Started a breakfast programme to ensure that no child attend the classes without having a filling breakfast. She was horrified when 12 of her wards admitted that they had been coming to school on an empty stomach every day. Their parents works at the nearby plantations.

  • She conducted a survey which revealed that 120 of the 407 students were in the same situation. Now the community has joined hands  with Lincy George to support her programmme. All students are fed.

Lincy George,
(Murikkattukudi, Idukki)
Babu C. Velamprarambil (Thumboly PO, Alappuzha) 
  • Facing with courage and  magnanimity  the  unforgiving day-to-day challenge posed by  a spine injury at the age of 27.

  • A motivational force for many persons  to come out of their solitary room to find joy in sharing.  

  • Started an association for spine injured disable persons , SIDDA -- Spine Injured Dependent Disabled Association. There are more than 1000 spine injured or bedridden persons in SIDDA, the organisation managed by Babu and other disabled persons.

  • They create opportunities to meet, share and express their talents  at least twice a year during  Onam and Christmas.  

  • With the support of well-wishers and friends, Babu takes initiative to collect and provide  critical resources such as wheel chairs, walkers, personal articles, food stuff, etc.

  • Babu, supported by other members of the organisation, motivates and facilitates political leaders and local youth. He networks/partners with local organisations and institutions to effectively reach out to these disabled persons.  

  • He himself is an outstanding inspiration for many who have become dependent through sickness or accidents.

  • A physically challenged 48 year old woman from financially poor background.

  • Her mobility is achieved only with the support of her hands. 

  • An  outstanding inspiration and  support for many who are weak and vulnerable.  

  • Supported 5 other women to  get three wheelers as she availed them through government schemes.

  • Helped 3 other  challenged persons to get driving licence and motivated many others to drive two wheelers.

  • Helped  7 weak and old women to earn through the sale of  lottery tickets.

  • Provided space and opportunity in her own house for   around 7 -10 old women to  earn some livelihood through coir making or prawns peeling. 

  • Turned her hobby for animals into a eco-livelihood -- has 13 dogs, including German shepherd, Doberman, Labradog, Dash etc,   40 ducks and 10 fowls. Trainer of dogs. Takes care of about  40 stray dogs of Aroor. Provides food to these beings collected from hotels.

Pravitha KP (Aroor PO,
Cherthala, Alappuzha)
Catherine Fathima (Thiruvananthpuram)
  • From Cheriyathura,  Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Her courage and generosity extended even at the age of sixty in taking care of a child. Just two weeks after birth,  the child was abandoned by her mentally ill mother, and her father was not ready to look after the child. Forgetting her age and resources, she is taking care of the child.

  • She and her husband have already taken the initiative of looking after the abandoned children.  Her service of looking after abandoned children is not  merely based on one child alone, but all those children,  who are abandoned by their parents. At present, two children are under the care and responsibility of Catherine and her family. Catherine's children also accompany her benevolent service activities.

  • They also sincerely and strictly follow all the government policies that have to be undertaken while dealing with such situations.

  • Mujeeb is an autorickshaw driver from Malappuram who used Right to Information Act (RTI) to address issues of public misappropriation.

  • With his very limited resources, he set up a robust working space in his small home. The move to install functional meters in autorickshaws was a result of his engagement with the government using RTI.

  • One of most notable interventions was his effort to save public land which belonged to a public library in his native place in Malappuram from being mis appropriated by vested interests. He used the RTI to collect basic details and went upto the High Court to fight the case, which is still going on.

  • He is now coordinating the RTI movement in the district and the state.

Mujeeb Rehman Pathiriyal (Malappuram)
  • Started a NGO,The Green Trees.  Got it registered as a society in 2017.

  • Supports the families that have bedridden persons, raises financial support  through the monthly subscription of persons from his contacts.

  • Provides food items to those families where the bread winner is bedridden. He also provide financial assistance for the education of the children in such families.

Rony Kunjachan (Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Set up an organisation called Helping Hands.

  • She offers free school  for disabled children.

  • Founder and CEO of H2O, which works for under-privileged children with autism.

  • The Helping Hands Organization has been working for the past 11 years to rethink the education of autistic children and help them learn daily living skills.

  • From behavioral & music therapy, to horticulture & vocational training, this inspiring person is training students with the help of 12,000 youth volunteers from across different colleges in the state.

Jolly Johnson (Thiruvananthapuram )
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