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As a family counsellor, I am passionate about helping families. I have experience  with a wide range of families, and I am able to help suffering families by sharing my knowledge and abilities. I am a good listener as well, and I can offer support and direction to struggling families.


I am a devoted family counsellor who is committed to assisting families in finding answers to their issues.

I work with kids and their families as a child counselling specialist to resolve problems like behavioural concerns, family conflict, and academic challenges. In addition to offering counselling to the parents, I support and mentor the kids. To establish a good atmosphere for the child, I think it's necessary to engage with the whole family. To make sure the child is getting the greatest care possible, I also collaborate with the educational system.

Family Counsellor
(MA Psychology, MSc.CFT,  M Tech)

Mobile: +919207523970
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