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Terms of Use

Loyola Extension Services is the social lab and incubator of Loyola College of Social Sciences (LCSS).  It runs a number of outreach programmes as well as learning events (educational programmes) for the benefit of students, teachers  and the larger local, national and global communities.These diverse community and academic services are being integrated through the recently formed Multiversity Platform. The Multiversity Platform is the operational feature of LES Multiversity.


It is, in short, called the "LES/LCSS-MP" or "LES-MP" or "LES Multiversity".

The content in this site is solely created and owned by Loyola Extensions Services, Loyola College of Social Sciences. We assert our moral right over it.


All pictures here have been sourced from free images websites:, and We have also used images from our web services provider, In addition, visual materials have been sourced from or generated by the staffs of Loyola Extension Services, Loyola College of Social Services.

Since we are a socially oriented unit of an educational institution, based on the foundation of compassion, we welcome use of the materials found here if it contributes to educational and/or non-profit uses. We would greatly appreciate if such uses are expressly acknowledged with this: Multiversity Platform, Loyola Extension Services, Loyola College of  Social Sciences ( ). You may also write to us.

Any queries in relation to our outreach programmes, research, learning events, or publications or the mind maps can be directed to us here.

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