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"The shape and solutions of the future rely totally on the collective effort of people working together. We are all an integral part of the web of life."
Jacque Fresco
Please Reach Out to Us for the Following Structured Support

(1) Partnership in initiatives that benefit children, women, indigenous people, at-risk communities/labour,  youth (youth engagement), etc or cover innovative courses, eco-community research, street/peoples theatre, mini-exhibitions on eco-social issues, eco-social/transformative entrepreneurship, public health, etc. For more details, contact Fr. Ranjit George, Director of LES

(2) Local partnership for social or community out-reach projects/initiatives that need to be implemented in Kerala. For more details, contact Fr. Ranjit George, Director of LES

(3) Residential training needs (for upto 50 persons - hall as well as decent accomodation with meals in the safe campus of Loyola College of Social Sciences). For details, talk with our administrator  @ 0091-9446397763 (ask for Anandavalli Amma).



information on organisations we have worked with or services we have offered between June and December 2022 (Will be updated every 3 months.)

Multi-Purpose Hall & Residential Spaces (The Premises of Loyola Extension Services/LES Multiversity)
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