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ESAF and CHILDLINE Thiruvananthapuram@LES, 24/11/2022,

 Shangumukam Beach, Thiruvananthapuram. 

ESAF in collaboration with Childline Thiruvananthapuram@LES conducted a "Beach for All" campaign. It is aimed at creating more inclusive public spaces especially recreational spots which can be accessible to all people including the differently abled. It is also meant to influence policy level change for grater inclusiveness. 


The programme was planned and executed in collaboration with the volunteers from Loyola College of Social Sciences and SCT college. The volunteers reached Shankumugham by 02:30 onwards and arranged the setting for the inaugural session. Students and teachers from Rotary institute of children who need special care, Government school for visually impaired and government school for deaf joined the programme. Volunteers had organized a platform to express their cultural events. The students expressed their extra ordinary talents in front of the gathering. Six students from Rotary institute had sing a song, some students from school for visually impaired had danced and also a student performed mimicry, which grabbed the applause. Student from school for deaf had performed a dance, he has received UNICEF award for his performance. Volunteers from college of engineering performed a dance with the children. After that, official inauguration took place. The welcome speech was delivered Arshal, representative of ESAF. The inaugural address was delivered by the Child Rights Protection Commission Member P Syamaladevi. The presidential address was delivered by Wilson Thomas, assistant vice president ESAF bank. Felicitation speech was delivered by ward councillor, Seraphine Fredy. Then prize was handed over to different institutions for their excellent performance. Government School for Visually Impaired, Rotary Institute for Children who need Special Care, College of Engineering and Loyola College of Social Sciences were honoured for their performance. After this a student from oxford school performed a skating dance. After this session, food packets were distributed for the parents and children. Then students were directed to beach with the support of volunteers, teachers and parents. This activity had revealed the core element of the programme.


Roles Played by Volunteers and Other Members 
The programme includes volunteers from Loyola college of social sciences and college of engineering. They had played a crucial role in the functioning of this programme. Members from Child Line, BFCC and Pallium India made the programme a meaningful. Each one of them made the programme meaningful. The volunteers assisted the students and supported them. They had arranged the stage for inaugural ceremony. They had supplied water from the beginning to the end and also supplied the food packets for them. At last, students went to beach with the support of these volunteers. They had tried to organize the programme in ordered manner and tried to maintain the cleanliness of the atmosphere. They came to aware about the situation of public places which are not inclusive.

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