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Exploring Stupidity, Seriously

Different expressions/meanings/history/ sociology/politics/economics/dangers/wars/planetary destruction/artificial intelligence--artificial stupidity/alternative futures/poetry/comments/essays/videos/

e-cards/humour/art/everyday resistance

What is 'stupidity' in Malayalam? Ever thought of the meaning of stupidity carefully? Is the meaning the 'same' or 'different' or 'same but different' with its English usage?
Can you engage your memory...ask yourself some comfortable/uncomfortable questions? Have you taken any  stupid decisions? Have you ever acted in very stupid ways? Can you reflect on stupid acts that have not only hurt you but also your family or friends or community or nature? Please do share the ones you want to.
More Resources Soon 
Ever wondered why we never seriously engage with the study of human stupidity? We seem to have over-rated our intelligence -- We have well funded and staffed institutions all over the world to study intelligence (including AI). Understanding human stupidity seems to be  avoided or marginal. (Yet you can find doctoral thesis on stupidity!)
Selected Video Resources 1

> Stupidity (Documentary/2003/1 hour 10 min)
Site 1
Site 2
Available on Amazon Prime Video Channel
Different sites where you can locate the video in case the sound and/or video quality are poor.)

> The Age of Stupid (Dramatised Documentary/2009/1 hour 28 min)
Not Available Free/Available on Amazon Prime Video Channel  
(Video also available on other paid/pay per view  documentary channels.)
Stupidity/Google/Internet/AI "Debate"
(Check this out. This is just a selection. Please do your own search too.)
Selected Video Resources 2 (with Texts)
Stupidity as Resistance

Charlie Chaplin and the Modern Times 

Chaplin: Analysis of Modern Times 

"Prof. Dr. Pargman’s will take as a starting point that humor ”enables members to deal with the ambiguous, uncertain, and political character of organizations as well as the tensions that arise from their engagement in alienating organizational systems” (McMaster et al. 2005, ”Fooling around") and that a 21st century version of the medieval court jester could be a way to destabilize and ”unfreeze” the status quo of the old institutional order, since the jester uses ”humor, satire and absurdity to perform a systematic challenging of organizational Doxa, the taken-for-granted, unquestioned truths underpinning the functioning of an organization” (Clegg et al. 2021)." Fools are Everywhere: The Role of the Court Jester in the 21st Century

What was Life Like for a Court Jester/Fool?

Spreading Stupidity: Intellectual Disability and Anti-Imperialist Resistance to Bioinformational Capitalism (Full article not available for free/Only abstract here.)

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