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Course on Digital Access for Community Empowerment (DACE)

In 2021 Dr.Elizabeth Mathew was instrumental in conducting a course on Digital Access for Community Empowerment which was sponsored and supported by Kerala University for Digital Sciences for graduates in Digital Sciences.


A eight day social immersion into the learning experience of traditional community life was designed with theory and practical experiences that brought out the everyday problems of the traditional community either in the agricultural village, slum or coastal village. This learning experience required participants to shift in transactions from the digital to more of physical activity while the final evaluations return to the digital mode as this is is a 3 credit course for the Digital University. It is hoped that these digital scientists will be able to ease the problems of these village people.


Between July-August 2022, 149 students completed this course. It bring together academicians from digital sciences and social sciences on a common platform for developing an interactive course that could bring good to the common man and woman.

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