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A Certificate Course on Child Protection

Organised by Loyola Extension Services/LES Multiversity

in collaboration with Loyola College of Social Sciences and CHILDLINE, Thiruvananthapuram


Second Batch/Completed: 26th to 30th December 2022 @LES (Download Flyer)



First time in Kerala -- 5 days certificate course on Child Protection. Organised by CHILDLINE, Loyola Extension Services/LES Multiversity and  Loyola College of Social Sciences (LCSS). This course aims to prepare  the participants to understand, act and work towards the protection, general welfare and well-being of children.


Th certificate course aims to help participants to understand the importance given to the Rights of the Children and the initiatives taken by India and the Kerala in the protection of children. The course contents extensively covers

  • Rights of the Children,

  • JJ Act,

  • POCSO Act,

  • UNCRC,

  • Child Marriage Act,

  • Child and Adolescent Labor Prevention and

  • Prohibition Act.

It also covers extensive discussions on various institutions that looks after the (i) children at risk and  in need of care and protection (ii) the children in conflict with law, (iii) various schemes and policies undertaken by the Government in safeguarding the Rights of Children, and (iv) the importance of life skill education in the field of Child Protection


The course involves field visits to Child Protection System sites and initiatives. The training the participants will get in the course  will be an experiential one with the participatory approach. 


The Training is led by Mr. Jobi Kondoor  (Jobi AP) District Coordinator of CHILDLINE Loyola Nodal Office @ LES. He is a well-known trainer who has conducted more than 2200 training sessions in the field of Child Protection. He has over15 years of working experience with children-at-risk, in need of care and protection. 

The other resource persons who are part of the course also have years of experience in the field of Child Protection. 

  1. Adv. Sandhya: Former member of Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

  2. Srenesh S Anil, Program Coordinator Kaval Plus

  3. Subair Arikkulam: District Probation officer

  4. Adv. Aneesha, LCPO District Child Protection Unit

  5. Biju Simon, Director and Founder, Either India

  6. Arya Kalyani, State Coordinator, ICPS 

First Batch : 1-6 November, 2022 (at LES)

Second Batch: 26th December 2022 (at LES)


For More Details Contact:

Jobi Kondoor, Course Coordiantor 

The next session in 2023 will be announced soon.  Bookmark and check this page regularly.
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