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Jobi Kondoor 
Child Rights Activist
& Master Trainer 

District Coordinator
CHILDLINE Nodal Agency @ LES

Mobile: 9497594630
YouTube Channel (Malayalam):
My Basic Profile Below. 
More: My Passion and Photos  -- Please Scroll Down

Education/Career/Service-Oriented Livelihood 

  • 2005--07: Masters in Sociology with Third Rank From Kerala University, Loyola College of Social Sciences,  TVM

  • 2007: Started Career In MSS as Training Coordinator, Master Trainer Facilitator Census  and Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Development Programs of Ministry of Textiles (Malankara Social Service Society )

  • 2010: After Three years joined as State Coordinator of Missing Child Search Program, pilot Program of Government of Kerala (Don Bosco Veedu, Trivandrum)  and Coordinator of Success for Success Training program.

  • 2014 (Ongoing): Since  2014 working as District Coordinator of CHILDLINE, Trivandrum, Program under Ministry of Women and Child Development.  Based at Loyola Extension Services.

Training Career/Civic Engagement/Contributions


Ever since started the professional career Training was the field of excellence and continues training in different subjects and became an expert in Child related laws and issues, Life Skills, Study Techniques, using Participatory Training Methods as uniqueness of Training.  


  • Conducted 2151 Training Sessions (as on October 2022). 

  • Working also as  Trainer of Women and Child Development

Among Others, My Training Beneficiaries Include:


  • Doctors, Nursing staff and Students, Police Officials, Teachers – Anganwady school, colleges etc, Youth, School counsellors, Religious Leaders, Social Workers, NGO Staff, CHILDLINE staff (of Railway as well as of districts), Brides and Bridegrooms, Students, LLB Students TTC Bed Students, ORC Trainers and students,  Lions Club, Govt. officials, Children’s Home Superintendents, Counsellors, Parents, SHG leaders, Elected Representatives, Govt staff, ans Auto Drivers.

  • Conducted Shows in TV Channels: Door Darshan, Amritha TV, Kairali People, Malayalam online



  • Recognition for leading State-vide Campaign on Child Protection in collaboration with Kerala state Commission for Protection of Child Rights (CHILD RIGHTS EXPRESS-2015)

  • Recognition from UNICEF and CIF for  flood related activities for the safety of children 

  • Balasuraksha Award BY Guidance Education trust 

Contact Information


Postal Address


Loyola Extension Services (LES)\

Sreekaryam, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala 695017

Mobile: 9497594630

Email: /

My Passion for "Child Protection"


Who Am I in the Field of Child Protection?

Ever since I completed my graduation (in philisophy, 2003), I wanted to work with children in distress because I really felt that I am a person who is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of children.  There are many children who do not know what to do when they are in distress and whom to approach when some unacceptable things happen to them. There were children in the streets of Kerala when I started working as state coordinator for missing child search programme of Don Bosco YaR (Youth at Risk). This was a pilot program of the Women and Chid Department, Government of Kerala from 2010 to 201313. I had experaince in visiting all the govermnet homes for childrens as part of the programme. I have trained the staff on child protection during the period which made me understand that there are a lot of things to change in the system and the attitude of adults to children. I have also started a program for  children and adults to give training on chid protection issues and that made me think that the process should be made available to all people of Kerala. 


Accepting the Challenge

Working for children is a challenging task. Most of the cases I intervened involved (i) the child’s family (ii) schools where  parents or authorities want to hide abuse (iii) poor support from the system, and (iv) lack of awareness by the public.  I am a person who accepts the challenge and the needed change. Rewards came as opportunities to learn and to change myself as well as others through active interventions and awareness creation. 

As a person who love to work for and with children, I started to deeply and mindfully analyse the issues of child protection -- its background, its history, institutions involved, logalities, etc. I found that there is a relation between the institutional background of children and the issues faced by them. So, changing the system is certainly a critical felt need. I started to think creatively to build  awareness among my colleagues as well as different stakeholders. All these laid the ground to prepare me to serve CHILDLINE as the district Coordinator of CHILDLINE Thiruvananthapuram (which is a project of Women and child Development Department) in 2014. 

My first programme was Child Rights Express. My friend Maneesh, who was consultant with UNICEF gave me immense support to carry out this programme. His idea of providing and promoting awareness on children and children protection issues through mobile exhibition using bus was taken and implemented. He helped all through the process. I travelled all over Kerala in 14 districts for 14 days and interacted with all people who worked in the field of child protection. The Child Rights Express  was a majoreye opener for me. 

In my capacity as dstrict coordinator of CHILDLINE,  I then started networking with different kinds of stakeholders for awareness creation. My position allowed me to collaborate with tribal department, through which I could intervene and serve the education of tribal children. The sponsorship effort for tribal childen was arranged with the help of Sanchari, an online platform for tourist that support children in distress. In addition, during Covid pandemic a unique venture called Snehanidhi was started to give online gadgets to tribal children in Pathanamthitta and Thiruvananthapuram district. Loyola Extension Services(LES) gave all the support to raise an amount of INR 300,000 which benefitted 30 needy children.  

My life’s work in child protection is rich with diverse experiences. I have reach out to case practice and support workers to expert practice leader. I could train many youth in the field of child protection and nurture their interest in working with children. In collaboration with UNICEF, I could also reach out to an important stake holders --  the police officers of Kerala in the field of child protection. W ith the support of CHILDLINE india foundation, I sensitised them to come up with child friendly polices. 

Last but not the least, I also worked as consultant for Kudumbashree Balasabha (ongoing). I helped in creating critical vulnerability mapping. In addition, I trained them in the field of child protection. 


Facing and Accepting Changes 

As I have started working with children, the major issue was child labour and over the years it had the scenario changed a lot and has become complicated. Children in Kerala today face the issues of addiction - mobiles and substance abuses. They also face relationship issues. To address all these and related problems and realities, life skill training for children and youth were given. Since 2017, this was done thorugh Our Responsibility to Children Programme of Women and child Development Department. In addition, parenting training was given to parents in different settings. 

As I  work for the safety and wellbeing of children at risk, there were instances in field level interventions,  I directly intervened though a 30 member team is with me . These experiences have  helped me develop a strong sense of social justice for children. 


Whats My Reward? Whats My Future?

As a child protection practitioner, I have the privilege to unique professional development training programmes as well as field experiences. I also conduct relevant and localised training programme to ordinary citizens. Through all these efforts -- over 2000 training sessions and growing -- I could speak to thousand of children and adult. I have many opportunities to continue to grow as a child protection practitioner/expert in Kerala --  to be able to speak for thousands of children in need, in order to change their lives. I had the blessing to see the smiles back on children faces -- children who lost all their hopes in life.  This is my God-given passion and I want to continue to serve children.  

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